EMDA® is a unique technology to augment the effect of intravesical chemotherapy by creating an electric field across the bladder wall which increases urothelium’s permeability.

EMDA Electromotive Drug Administration Thailand

The Physion EMDA® system has been proved excellent results in treating high-risk and intermediate-risk patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

EMDA® + Mitomycin treatment is an efficacy tool in the long term conservative strategy of high-risk unresponsive to BCG as a “bladder sparing” therapy.

Several thousand treatment cycles have been performed with complete safety following TURBT: significantly reduced recurrence and progression with increased disease-free interval.

Significant reduction in disease recurrence and/or progression

Significant increase in disease-free interval

Highly cost-effective

Emda® improves patients’ quality of life

EMDA Thailand - Percentage of patients in which tumor develops into a more aggressive type & Percentage of patients that dies within 7 years due to bladder cancer
EMDA Thailand - Averange number of months before cancer recurs & Percentage of patients in which cancer recurs within 7 years

EMDA® can be used with all type of Mitomycin and in sequential treatment EMDA® + Mitomycin is combined with BCG.

More data on EMDA® now available than any other device assisted drug delivery system available.

Proven deeper tissue penetration of Mytomicin with EMDA® compared to passive administration.

Traditional Therapy without EMDA
Traditional Therapy
EMDA Enhanced Terapy
EMDA Enhanced Terapy


  • A urogenic 16F electrode-catheter is inserted into the bladder
  • The bladder is drained to remove residual electrolytes
  • The drug solution is administered
  • Two dispersive electrodes are placed on the sides of the navel with an abundante layer of conductive gel
  • A micro-current is applied for 20 minutes
EMDA Thailand Treatment